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Get affordable residential painting services in Auckland and brighten your home.

Experts Interior has a team of expert interior painters in Auckland to successfully accomplish the final job. Once we have done the GIB stopping and Plastering, we move ahead towards the final finishing which is Painting. We know that this process is the first and last impression. So our qualified painter in Auckland puts all the effort to make it happen.
Our experts have over 20 years of experience in painting homes and commercial places. Our GIB Stopping and Plastering preparation ensures that the final work is eye-catching and carried out with a top-quality substance.

We make sure that we make the right choice of color and choose the high-quality paint for the final look because your satisfaction is our reward. We are open and friendly to get advice if you want to choose any particular color for your dream place. Our experts provide you with a picture of our plan of action and how we accomplish our work.

Having said that, if you are looking for cheap house painters in Auckland, make sure you contact us at Experts Interior. Our residential painting services have been of great interest to the locals because of the low cost and high quality. Our professional painters always promise you the best results even if they have to go the extra mile to complete the work. We have never refused to take on any interior or exterior painting project. Whenever Experts Interior has run their brushes on the walls, the brush has spread paint on the walls and happiness in the lives of the clients. Our primary mission is to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients which makes our services reliable and trustworthy. Contact us today for all residential and commercial painting needs.

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Exterior paint costs somewhere around $200 per square meter. Additional requirements such as primer, painting fixings, and painting the roof, could cost closer to $350 per meter. When it comes to the hourly rate, it would be around $30 per hour but the timeline of your painting project will vary depending on the state of the exterior of your house.

A larger room takes more time than a smaller one. For a typical 400 to 500 square feet room, it takes around 5 to 6 hours from the time of preparation to the cleanup.

To paint your entire house, the cheapest price would be somewhere around $5000 to $10000. It’s not possible to go beyond this as these are the basic charges.

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