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 GIB Stopping Auckland

Our GIB stopping team is highly proficient in working with commercial and residential areas. If you are looking to renew your existing place or construct a new one. We could probably be the best solution. We have the ability to convert the customer’s dream into reality. No job is outside of our scope. We get it right the first time to minimize any future damage.

GIB stopping and plastering in Auckland is something we at Expert Interior take seriously. We have more than 20 years of experience in working with both home and commercial projects. Our team believes in providing a high level of customer service when it comes to GIB Stopping.

Our GIB experts in Auckland can perform your project with a high standard of efficiency and at a competitive price than other companies in Auckland. We can also manage the GIB supply and professional GIB stopping services and installation both at the same time and allow you to concentrate on other matters.

GIB Stoppers Auckland

GIB Stopping in Auckland is your best option to give your walls a rich and smooth finish. Whatever the type of painting job you are going to conduct, if the surface of the wall is not smooth, even the finest quality of paint will not be able to do the tricks. Our Auckland GIB stopping and fixing will do the best for your walls.

Why Choose For GIB Stopping And Plastering?

If you are looking for quality GIB stopping and plastering in Auckland, Expert Interior is your best bet. We have got the best quality GIB stoppers in Auckland. We offer quality workmanship which ensures that the walls receive a smooth finish. Whether it is minor imperfections or interior plastering of the whole house, we at Expert Interior will do the finest job leaving happy customers without giving them a chance to complain.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to deal with the professional team. You can fill out the quote form on the right side of the website or give us a call at 022 309 1705 (Ask for Ellis). One of our crew members will get back to you within 24 hours or sooner. If you could come up with a detailed job description, including picture attachments, that would be really helpful for our team to bring up an accurate estimation for the job.


What is a GIB stopping?

GIB stopping is the process of giving a smooth finish to the rough surface of a wall. It helps in filling the holes and cracks in the plaster with GIB. GIB stopping ensures that the wall that you are so excited to finish gives a rich feel.

How long does it take to GIB-stop a house?

The time taken to GIB stop a house depends on the size of the house and the number of workers employed to finish the GIB stopping process. Usually, if the house is not too big and with a sufficient number of workers, it may take 3-5 days to finish the process.

Do you need to seal GIB before painting?

Sealing the GIB before painting is important. This is because it will ensure that all the cracks and holes are closed. Another important thing to note is that sealing the GIB will blend it well with the surface of the wall, giving it a much better finish.

Can you GIB-stop over paint?

GIB stopping on painted surfaces is possible. The surface would need a little sanding to roughen it up. Rough surfaces tend to hold on to GIB much better than smooth surfa